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Hi, my name is Leandro and this is my Portfolio.I am a Graphic Design Advanced Diploma Program student at Centennial College. With a passion for transforming ideas into visually compelling designs, I specialize in identifying and interpreting design needs to create innovative deliverables. My strengths lie in excellent time management and organizational skills, ensuring projects are completed on time and with high quality. My collaborative and interpersonal skills contribute to effective teamwork in multidisciplinary environments. I’m excited about the opportunity to bring creativity and a fresh perspective to design projects as I continue to grow in the field.

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Editorial Design

Gaming Dev

This editorial design project is all about Gaming Dev, a brand I’ve created to delve into the captivating realm of Elden Ring, the celebrated 2022 Game of the Year. As a passionate gamer, I’ve crafted this magazine to explore the dark fantasy RPG developed by FromSoftware and brought to life by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin. Inside, there are insights, guides, and a touch of my own gaming journey plus adverts of gaming related content.

Editorial Design

Brave New World

This is a book cover redesign project, I chose to work on Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. This is a dystopian novel that explores the themes of genetic engineering, social conditioning, and totalitarianism. I wanted to highlight the genetic engineering aspect of the book by using a DNA strand as the main illustration on the cover. I also used a futuristic font and a blue colour palette to match the mood and setting of the book. I think this cover design captures the essence of the book and attracts the reader's attention.

Editorial Design

The Met

I created an art rental catalog from the museum The Met. The theme of the catalog is instruments with strings. I used black and red as the main colors to create contrast and highlight the shapes of the layout. Each instrument has a small description that includes its name, origin, and history. At the end of the catalog, there is a rental form for those who want to rent an instrument.

Package Design


I created a new packaging design for a tea brand called Petalus. I wanted to convey a fresh and natural feeling with the logo, typography, color scheme, and imagery of the tea-box.
I designed and developed various elements of the packaging, such as the humming bird logo, the elegant font, the color palette, and the illustration of the tea leaves. I also made mock ups of the final product to show how it would look in real life. My goal was to make a unique and appealing packaging concept that would stand out from other tea brands.


JWST Telescope

This infographic poster is about the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the most powerful and advanced space telescope ever built. Aspects of the telescope such as, the shapes and colour pallete were all inspired from the telescope itself.



This is a branding project that I created for a fictional sports clothing brand called Avis. I made a brand guideline with instructions on how to use the logo, colors, fonts, and imagery of the brand. The brand name, Avis, means “bird” in Latin, and it represents the freedom, agility, and strength to represent the brand identity.



This Starbucks advertisement featuring a single straw and the words, ‘This is the last straw.’ It’s a little play on words to say, ‘Hey, let’s ditch the straws for a greener planet.’ Just my take on making a small change for a big impact.

Type Specimen


Caudex is a serif font that I love because of how elegant the typeface is,
so I made the booklet just as elegant and sophisticated.



The idea for this app came from the website ratemyprofessorrs.com because it doesn’t have an app. My approach was to make the app functional for students during school period but also bring the rate and review function from the website.

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